9 Hiking Trails in West Virginia with the Best Views

West Virginia has several trails and every one of them gives hikers something extraordinary experience with your best hammock for hikers. Various trails are more popular than others, however regardless of what trail you pick you won’t be disappointed. Here are the hiking trails of West Virginia that lead you the best views.

  1. Greenbrier Trail close to Marlington

The Greenbrier Trail is 78-miles long and wanders particular of the state’s most remote areas. The trail offers ravishing views and nature around each curve.


  1. Kaymoor Trail, Kaymoor

The Kaymoor Trail is a one of a kind. The trail contains an elegant staircase with 821 steps. The trail offers incredible views of the New River Gorge and leads to the silent coal town of Kaymoor.


  1. Appalachian Natural Scenic Trail, Harpers Ferry

There are just 4 miles of the Appalachian Trail that goes through West Virginia, yet it goes through one of the area’s most excellent and memorable spots, Harpers Ferry.


  1. North Fork Mountain Trail, Seneca

This astounding trail has endless views, every more amazing than the one before. There are such a variety of overlooks on this trail most maps don’t take an ideal opportunity to show everyone of them.


  1. Raven Rock Trail close Morgantown

The Raven Rock Trail is just 2.5 miles long, however, the views are dazzling, the trail is viewed as moderate and most people bring their family and pets along for the excellent hike.


  1. Bear Rock Trail, Dolly Sods

The Bear Rock trail experience the 477-section of land Bear Rocks sanctuary in the one of a kind and stunning Dolly Sods.


  1. Red Creek Trail, Dolly Sods

The Red Creek Trail drives you through Dolly Sods Wilderness zone where hikers will see stunning views, lovely glades, one of a kind plant life, rambling streams and more.


  1. Maryland Heights Trail, Harpers Ferry

The Maryland Heights Trail is a 1.9-mile loop that gives hikers the most spectacular views of the wonderful and memorable town of Harpers Ferry.


  1. Seneca Rock Trail, Seneca

The Seneca Trail was once utilized by Native Americans. The trail gives hikers lovely landscape and a real experience of history.